One Passion. Many Voices.

A Historic Event

Many thanks to the supporters who came out to participate in the launch of DEF-ED Magazine on August 28th in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time with our supporters, vendors, and the performers who blessed us all with their talent. Soulful Vision and Luey Price truly represent what DEF-ED Magazine is about: finding your voice…

Feature: A Louder Lesson On Life

Educator turned actor Jason Louder shares his journey from the classroom to the sound-stages of some of Hollywood’s biggest productions. He shares how he remains connected with the work of schools in the midst of school closures.

About Me

I’m a storyteller whose interests range from photography, to painting, to chess. DEF-ED Magazine is a platform for other writers and artists to share the amazing work they are doing in their school communities. One passion. Many voices.

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